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Options and Tips

When you’re meeting with a DJ for your event you’ll no doubt run across the PACKAGE question. You’ll be faced with something like, the Bronze (cheap bare bones), Silver (one or two options more than Bronze) and Gold or Diamond (about as much as there is to offer, or maybe more time). There are unlimited combinations to this scenario. Of all the wedding receptions I’ve ever done no two were the same. So with that in mind, I thought it made more sense to develop one base package and allow the bridal couple to choose what they wanted to add from a list of affordable options. This will make the service more cost effective and give you the opportunity to make your event as unique as you are.

Please review the following price list and indicate what options you desire over and above the basic package:

  • Each additional hour – Add 45.00 per hour
  • Additional lights, fog, haze (lasers not included) – Add 25.00 each
  • Additional speaker sets – Add 100.00 (sound re-enforcement)
  • Ceremony system – Add 150.00
  • Screen and projector – Add 125.00
  • Full light show with fog & bridge – Add 175.00
  • Intelligent light show (3 Martin Mania series lights) and one Firefly RGY laser with haze & bridge – Add 200.00
  • Uplighting – Add 25.00 per light, 6 light with LED lightbar package for 125.00. (50.00 savings)
  • Wedding Wheel kissing game – Add 50.00

Please keep in mind that each option represents a significant investment and requires more time and labour to employ. In order to offer each and keep them in good repair the fees above are necessary. After considerable research I believe these fees to be among the lowest in the industry. More options will be made available as they are acquired. If there’s something not on the list that you’d like, please let me know.

Tips That Will Make Your Reception Fun For Everyone:

  • Don’t seat older folks near the dance floor. Once the dancing starts, your older guests won’t appreciate sitting in front of the speakers while the music plays
  • Darker is better than lighter for dancing. People are less inclined to dance if they think that everyone is watching
  • A small dance floor is better than a large one. People feel more comfortable on a crowded dance floor
  • It’s best to have your bar in the main room rather than in a separate room. The more people have to leave the room, the less of a party you’ll have inside
  • The Bride & Groom should always remain in the room and out on the dance floor as much as possible. If the Bride & Groom are up on the dance floor having fun, your guests are more likely to as well. If the Bride & Groom leave the room, many of the guests will as well
  • The Bride & Groom should never stand near the exit doors. This is an invitation for your guests to leave. In fact it’s best to leave the doors closed as it keeps the guests in and the light out
  • Don’t hide the DJ away in the corner. It’s important for the DJ to have a clear line of sight to the doors where the wedding party enters and be as close to the dance floor as possible
  • The reception should end on a high note instead of letting it fizzle out because people have become exhausted. It’s better to leave your guests wanting more. They’ll always remember a reception that they wished had gone on longer